Daniel Lumbini

Lumbini’s work in an empirical remix of modern and classical techniques, a visceral collusion of new media and original composition, both picturesque and grotesque, intended to sample styles and ideas, intentionally evading definition, leaving interpretation entirely to the beholder.

The figures I create are a pastiche of the world’s obsession with defining oneself, or more-so, one’s art; each of my paintings portray awkwardness, or vanity, or perhaps evolution, but ultimately, the composition is disrupted by accident, albeit deliberately. It’s not profound, that’s the point, it’s a painting, it’s anything but that. – Lumbini 2013

Hours-Turn-to-Days But-Years-Remain-the-SameSHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT 2Semi DetachedPart of the Problem part of the SolutionSML PRINT FRAME BWSML PRINT FRAME BLUESML PRINT FRAME YELSML PRINT FRAME ORNGE