DAIN, a prominent street artist hailing from New York, holds a significant influence in the urban art scene.

His unique artistic approach involves skillfully merging diverse techniques such as wheat pasting, silk-screening, spray paint, collage, and acrylic painting. What sets DAIN apart is his seamless fusion of the raw visual language of graffiti with the elegance of vintage Hollywood glamour, as he incorporates collaged old portraits of iconic stars from the golden era.

Distinguished by his contributions to the URBAN NATION 2018 exhibition, titled ‘UN-DERSTAND The Power of Art as a Social Architect,’ DAIN’s works have left an indelible mark on the art world. Embodying versatility, he often traverses between the street and his studio, consistently pushing the boundaries of his craft.

DAIN’s artistic process involves working with black-and-white photos as his canvas, which he adorns with layers of vintage adverts, logos, and various other images before skillfully applying paint. His signature touch is the dripping circle around one eye of his subjects, adding a distinct and recognizable element to his creations. Through this amalgamation of elements, DAIN’s art beautifully embodies the juxtaposition of graffiti’s rebellious essence with the alluring femininity of his portrayed subjects.

His artistic journey has taken him across the globe, with his works showcased in prestigious exhibitions held in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Miami, and his hometown of New York City. DAIN’s exceptional talent has earned him a place among the art world’s titans, and his pieces have found a permanent spot in URBAN NATION’s esteemed collection, alongside illustrious names like Banksy and Invader.