Dale Marshall

Dale Marshall, a talented contemporary artist based in the UK, has garnered attention for his captivating text-based artworks.

His preferred mediums of expression include mixed media and oil, which he skillfully combines to create evocative pieces. Dale’s work has previously been proudly represented by Rook & Raven Gallery in London.

Having achieved success on both sides of the Atlantic, Dale Marshall has held highly successful solo shows in prominent locations such as Los Angeles, CA, and San Jose, CA. Additionally, he has participated in various exhibitions across the UK, showcasing the reach and impact of his artistic talent.

Dale’s artistic journey traces back to his roots as a young graffiti artist, honing his skills on the streets of Bath and Bristol. While the rebellious freedom of expression found in street culture fuelled his creativity, it also exposed him to gritty consequences, leading to difficult periods and even psychotic episodes. In 1999, he faced a challenging phase and was sectioned in one of Britain’s oldest asylums, an experience that holds a striking parallel to his present-day studio – a Victorian poorhouse nestled in the serene countryside of Wales.

A passionate advocate for mental health, Dale Marshall’s art delves into profound themes of social equality, segregation, and controlled environments. Through his creations, he intertwines elements of self-portraiture, offering a glimpse into his inner world and his journey of healing and self-discovery. His provocative and vibrant works draw inspiration from dramatic memories of his past, reflecting his transformative experience through cycles of destruction and repair.

In summary, Dale Marshall’s artistic prowess shines through his compelling text-based art, blending mixed media and oil to convey powerful messages about mental health, social issues, and personal growth. His journey from graffiti artist to acclaimed contemporary artist showcases not only his talent but also his resilience in turning life’s challenges into profound artistic expressions.