Daniel Lumbini

Daniel Lumbini’s work showcases an unnatural obsession with the human form, delving into themes of awkwardness, insecurity, emancipation, and, above all, a fascination with evolutionary anomalies.

He appreciates the juxtaposition of realistic imagery with contrasting arcane brushstrokes, akin to how body language might contradict emotions, adding depth to his creations. His paintings are the product of painstaking hours of the artistic process, engaging in a continuous struggle with the elements, even willing to destroy the results to start anew. However, he finds the most intriguing moments when he furtively introduces something unexpected into a painting, instantaneously altering its tone and adding an element of surprise.

Though he contemplates offering profound reflections on how this visceral process of reworking and the constant cycle of painting destruction may mirror the superficial world we inhabit, he candidly admits that he is not a martyr to his art. His primary motivation lies in the aesthetic appeal of his work – he does it because it looks good! Through his art, he passionately explores the human form and its complexities, aiming to capture the essence of the human experience.