Renowned as a British stencil artist, Jim Penfold, also known as Penny, has gained recognition for his incredibly intricate and minuscule artworks.

From currency to objects as small as postage stamps, Penny showcases his talent on diverse canvases. Constantly driven by the desire to create not only visually captivating pieces but also ones that convey meaningful messages, he pushes the boundaries of his stencil art.

While Penny’s street art background is evident in his skilful use of stencils, he consciously moved away from this form of expression due to his reluctance to damage other people’s property. This shift in approach has allowed him to explore a broader range of artistic possibilities.

Penny’s versatility as an artist prevents him from being pigeonholed as a one-trick pony. His body of work is so diverse that it almost feels like a one-man group show. From intricate stencils to mesmerising ink drawings and the juxtaposition of dead butterflies on portraits, his art showcases a wide array of themes and techniques, keeping his audience engaged and intrigued.