Noma Bar Cut The Conflict

Illustrator Noma Bar updated his die-cutting dog machine, which he had created in 2011, for his 2013 London show “Cut The Conflict” that addressed issues around conflict.

Noma Bar Cut The Conflict

The die-cutting machine featured a range of Bar-designed stencils and allowed people to create their negative-space artworks using a variety of materials.

For the show, at London’s Rook & Raven Gallery, Bar had created a new set of stencils and used them to create works from materials, including flags, letters, photos, and newspapers donated by people in conflict-hit countries.

One of the first works Bar created for the show was a gun/dove, made using flags from Mahmood Mubarak in Bethlehem, Palestine, and Arik Prussak in Jerusalem, Israel.

Other works included a soldier with a heart revealed in the crook of his arm, which was used to bring together a map of North and South Korea.

Bar had created around ten new stencils for the show and had cut 30-50 new pieces to go on display.

Artist: Noma Bar

Date: November 2013