She Came To Stay

Rook & Raven is proud to present, She Came To Stay, taking its title from the novel of the same name by the writer Simone de Beauvoir includes the work of Paula Rego DBE, Eileen Cooper RA, Marie Jacotey, Lucy Farley and Annie Kevans.

In keeping with the novel, this group exhibition explores many existentialist concepts such as freedom, angst and the other. These ideas of identity and self and the human condition are ever present in the works portrayed by the artists featured.

This cross-generational exhibition, curated by Aretha Campbell and Lucy Farley, is primarily concerned with painting be it figurative or abstract driven by autobiographical themes. Exploring female writers and painters and subsequently their collective concerns. Through these selected works these artists are questioning the perception of the human condition – concerns, which are all still relevant to today’s society and thus an inherent interest lies in assessing what has happened during that time lapse between females working then and females working from autobiographical sources now.

Rook & Raven is proud to be working in association with Marlborough Fine Art.

Artists: Annie Kevans | Eileen Cooper OBE RA | Lucy Farley | Marie Jacotey | Paula Rego DBE

Date: 25 Jun 2015 – 22 Aug 2015