Laurence Owen | Vivien Zhang

26th June – 1st September, 2014

This Summer, Rook & Raven Gallery are proud to present new work by graduates Vivien Zhang and Laurence Owen. The exhibition, curated by Aretha Campbell, will draw on the Royal Academy’s show, entitled A New Spirit in Painting, which set the tone for a Renaissance of painting in the 80s. Both Owen and Zhang’s work encapture a fascination with form, inviting a dialogue between painting and sculpture, and its place within the context of the prevailing art scene.

Photographs from the Opening Night

Laurence Owen, Perverted Font, oil on canvas. 135x135cm, 2013Laurence Owen, Gobbeldy Gook, 59x42cm, oil on board, 2014Laurence Owen, The Neighbours, 110x82cm, oil on board, 2014Laurence Owen, Heirs+Graces 2, oil on canvas, 135x135cm, 2013Laurence Owen, Frapping Halyards, oil on canvas. 200x150cm, 2014Vivien Zhang, System (rain room) 2012 oil and acrylic on canvas 46 x 53 cmVivien Zhang, Twofold 2014 Oil and acrylic on canvas 51 x 56 cmVivien Zhang, Stencil Negative 2013 Oil on canvas 180 x 150 cmVivien Zhang, Order, Oscillation and Pretence Gesture (Shape Green) 2013 Oil on canvas 51 x 56 cmVivien Zhang, Secondary Text (Meat) 2013 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 150 x 170 cm